Whether you’re looking to dance the nights away with hundreds of other students at incredible night clubs, or spend your days relaxing by the tranquil Caribbean Sea, Cancun offers something for everyone.  For a Graduation Trip that you won’t forget, join GradCity in Cancun!

Pristine Beaches


Vamos a la Playa!

The picturesque beaches of Cancun are characterized by white sand and crystal blue water, making them some of the best in the world.


Oceanfront Properties

All of the Grad Trip hotels offered by GradCity are on oceanfront property and boast fantastic views of the gorgeous beaches of Cancun.

Amazing Nightlife


There's Something For Everyone

The nightclub experience in Cancun is unrivaled by any other destination. From modern lounges to stadium-style venues, you experience a little bit of everything at each unique Cancun club.


High School Events

Each night, GradCity hosts events for our travelers. These events are chaperoned by GradCity staff, and are sure to be the highlight of your Grad Trip!



Be Among All The Action

GradCity offers top-rated hotels for your Graduation Trip that are just steps away from Cancun's party center, where all of the nightlife is. You'll be right in the middle of all the action!


We Take Care of Everything

When booking with GradCity, you will enjoy a convenient travel and planning process. From your flights to your hotel accommodations in Cancun, we take care of everything!

Why Travel with Us

Round-trip, Group Airfare

Your group will fly together on preferred air carriers such as United, JetBlue, American Airlines, or even a private GradCity chartered flight.

All-Inclusive Hotels

Affordable all-inclusive accommodations mean all food and beverages are paid for in one price. Only GradCity works with the best hotels.

Ground Transfers

GradCity sets up bus transportation for travelers to get from the airport to their hotel, and back to the airport upon their departure.

GradCity Staff

Professional staff members are available 24 hours a day and chaperone all events.

Nightly Events

Main events every night of your trip, exclusive to GradCity travelers only.

Pool & Beach Events

Fun daytime beach and pool activities at GradCity headquarters hotels.

Safety, Security & Supervision

As a tour operator, we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and supervised travel experience for high school students. Please take the time to review our safety procedures and protocols.

Cancun Staff

As the leading student tour operator, GradCity offers the highest staff-to-student ration in the industry, with one professional staff member for every 20-25 travelers.

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