Plan & Earn A Free Trip

Become a GradCity Group Organizer

What do I get for being a Group Organizer?

  • The more people you get to go on your High School senior year Spring Break or Grad Trip, the greater the discount you can earn!
  • Earn MVP status during your trip
  • Maybe even travel for free!
    *Must still pay government issues taxes & fees
  • Earn discounts on future trips when you go to college
  • Giveaways where you can win cool stuff during your trip, depending on your Group Organizer status


Sounds great! How do I become a successful Group Organizer?

  • Meet with a GradCity Travel Specialist to get the details of the trip you want to plan
  • Form a Promo Team to help you get everyone involved
  • Tell EVERYONE about your trip and hand out flyers at school, and find other ways to promote it
  • Form Facebook groups
  • Get everyone together and hold a meeting with your Travel Specialist to share the details
  • Get everyone signed up & excited about their High School Senior Trip!
Remember; the more you get involved, the more benefits you will receive!

What else will I gain from having Group Organizer status?

  • Marketing, sales, and promotional experience: add to your resume for future career and college applications
  • Future career opportunities with GradCity or StudentCity - almost all of our Travel Specialists were once Group Organize
  • rs for their school!
  • On-site staffing opportunities with GradCity and StudentCity
  • Special incentives for referrals - refer friends at different schools to start planning their senior trip & gain extra bonuses
  • Networking opportunities - you'll get the chance to meet other Group Organizers from across the country.

How do I sign up?

It’s simple. Just let us know you are interested in planning the ultimate travel experience for you and your friends. We'll then connect you with the Travel Specialist in your area who will help you earn group discounts, MVP status, and other incentives. All you need to do is get people excited! Fill out this form and we'll get you started today.

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