How it Works

A Great Experience from Planning, to Traveling, to Returning

GradCity provides all of the necessary means for having a wonderful travel experience from start to finish. Here's what you can expect of the process:

1) Group Meeting
Your dedicated travel specialist will coordinate a meeting for your entire group to explain what GradCity has to offer, introduce the destination your group is interested in, and answer questions to get your group started.

2) Reserve Your Spot
After confirming your travel details, you will make your deposit payment online at This deposit will reserve your spot on the trip and ensure the lowest possible pricing.

3) Customer Care Team
The Customer Care Team will be available to you throughout your entire booking, payment, and travel experience to answer all your questions and ensure a pleasurable experience. If you have any questions about your upcoming GradCity trip, please email [email protected]!

4) Pre-Travel Communication
Expect to receive "Know Before You Go" emails, along with a pre departure email, and instruction for printing pertinent travel documents and forms.

5) Airport Arrival
If you are traveling to your destination via airplane, you will be greeted by GradCity staff once you clear customs. GradCity staff are recognizable, wearing red staff shirts and holding GradCity signs.

6) Easy Transfer
For international destinations with a flight package, GradCity provides ground transportation from the airport to your hotel, and back to the airport upon your departure. *Travelers that purchase their own flights are welcome to add transfers through their online account or their travel specialist.

*International destinations only

7) Welcome Orientation
Upon arrival at your hotel, GradCity staff will meet with your group to discuss local customs, Breaksmart Guidelines, event itinerary, and more.

8) Hotel Check-In
GradCity staff will ensure a smooth check-in to the hotel for your entire group.

9) Exclusive Pool, Beach, and Evening Events
GradCity will provide your entire group with an itinerary of GradCity staffed events for students and parents throughout your stay.  These events are filled with activities from snorkel cruises and volleyball, to zip-lining and themed events like the Stoplight Party.

10) Easy Hotel Check-Out and Transfer
When your trip comes to an end, GradCity staff members will assist you with your hotel check-out process. If your group has transfers with GradCity, convenient and hassle-free transfers are provided to ensure you get to your flight on time.

11) Post Travel Follow-Up & Survey Feedback
GradCity customer service does not end once you return home. You will receive a Post Travel Survey in your email which is your opportunity to provide feedback about your experience. Travelers' feedback is always taken into consideration to improve upon our many trips!


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